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This is Fluxaxis. We are a 3D printing business. We provide a 3D printing bureau service in addition to offering bespoke digital manufacturing services.

The future of making is here.

What we do

Fluxaxis is a disruptive force in the field of fabrication. 3D printing is at the heart of everything we do. We exploit leading digital manufacturing technology to create rich, complex forms at a massive range of scales. From fabrication of microscale components for medical applications to giant sculptures that fill stadia.

  • Thinking

    Each project we encounter is unique. That’s why each job we do starts with a free piece of consultancy that identifies the best technologies and approach.

  • Scanning

    We use three types of scanning technology to digitise physical objects. Structured light, photogrammetry and texture capture are all done in-house.

  • Printing

    Our 3D printers produce detailed output using a range of plastic materials. From cost effective ABS to thermoplastics such as nylon and high performance Ultem.

  • Scaling

    Where large format output is required we can use our massive 5-axis machining capability to produce physical objects at all scales in a range of materials.