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HP Costume Hook

Costume Hooks

We have recently completed a project for a Costume and Prop company, Ron Briggs Design, who primarily supplies costumes to the theatre industry. The brief was to print three solid hooks to replicate the original provided by the client. Using our HandySCAN 700, we 3D scanned the master hook within one hour and finished off the detailing using our Colin3D software. Due to the high gloss finish of the original we needed to mattify the finish before scanning, we used a powder to coat certain areas before scanning, this allowed us to accurately build a laser projection of the entire item which then left us with a complete scan.

With the design ready to print, our HP was the ideal choice. Producing 3 durable, solid hooks with fine detail, in one print, in around 16 hours. Due to the nature of the HP Multi Jet Fusion, one build can incorporate several prints at the same time, perfect for a multiple piece project such as this.

The client requested that the bottom cuff didn’t have a handle as they completed the parts inhouse, as well as the scenic finish. The Pirate hook costume pieces will be used for theatre productions across the country.