Something the size of a mobile phone would cost between £30-50. Of course, similar sized objects, a remote control, a computer mouse or a bicycle pedal would cost the same.


We’re increasing the volume here, as opposed to the size. If you want a print that takes up the space of a nice full coffee mug or perhaps a tin of baked beans, then you could expect to pay between £50-100.


Getting slightly larger. And more complex in shape. That pot plant on your window sill, or maybe a small bedside lamp. A print like this might use a couple of our printers – the HP for smaller, intricate parts and one of our Fortus machines for bulkier elements.


We’re using a guitar for reference. Besides being larger, a print like this might require quite detailed, super accurate parts. Strings, tuning keys – all detail that our HP or Fortus printers could render with ease.


From musical instruments to furniture. To make something the scale of a desk, we might combine our 5 Axis CNC capabilities and 3D printed elements. We might even combine different materials.


Back to music. A baby grand piano. Something this size could be printed on our large format Massivit 1800. The print medium is a translucent gel, cured with UV light and prints lend themselves particularly well to being illuminated from within.


Getting taller. Height requires strength and to achieve this, we might use a combination of all our 3D printing technologies. We also might use different printers to deliver various sized elements and details.


Large, organic forms work well on our Massivit 1800. The bodywork curves of this Mini could be replicated to scale while our Finishing Department could even add a suitably high-spec automotive paint finish.


Taking large, organic forms a step further. We’ve used an elephant to illustrate the top end of our scaling capabilities, but really, it’s up to you. At this size, it’s about harnessing our specialist engineering knowledge and experience of how different components fit together.