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2019 World Class Bartender Trophies

For the 2019 World Class Bartender of the Year Awards, hosted by Diageo, we created three large and 25 smaller trophies. The design was a slightly updated version of the ones we manufactured for the 2017 awards. Utilising the additive manufacturing capabilities of our HP Multi Jet Fusion, each trophy was printed in three parts and finished electroplated copper.

The world class logo and the award year were both enlarged and made bolder for clarity, resulting in a more polished overall impression, whilst the shiny copper-plate finish and the striking filigree elements of the trophies remained consistent. The smaller trophies measured 200mm in height and were printed in component pieces using the HP Multi Jet Fusion and the Polyjet printers.

Each trophy incorporated three MJF printed parts, two Polyjet printed parts, a separate metal weight bonded into the base to provide stability and a felt base. After printing, the frame was electroplated in copper, giving the trophies a glossy and professional finish.

Watch the Video.